How stoked am I?!? I'm currently installing Scorpio having been assigned the .NET integration chapter in Ben Forta's new CF 8 Web Application Construction Kit book. I have been working with Visual Studio 2005 for quite awhile now and enjoy coding in C#.

There are many benefits to calling into .NET assemblies on the Windows platform. I believe the most important is performance and in this area of performance, specifically database integration utilizing ADO.NET (arguable, I know) to connect, retrieve and edit data with SQL Server 2005.

Let's face it, when it comes to feature set Java and .NET are like comparing Macintosh to Red Delicious, but it is just plain common sense that Microsoft plays better with Microsoft specifically when integrating with the Windows API. This is a great reason for the businesses running ColdFusion hosted on Windows to look into utilizing the new native .NET integration support with Scorpio. I understand some of you may be saying, "Yeah, we got sold that bag of goods during the COM days.", but .NET is a much more stabile and robust platform.

There is a true talent concern here for offices that have ColdFusion, .NET and Java talent. ColdFusion, still being the most RAD app. server on the market (MHO) integrates nicely with all of them now and this will allow companies to build applictions at a much faster pace utilizing all of their in-house skill sets. We all know the individuals who swear by his/her chosen talent (i.e. .NET, Java, ColdFusion). If you're working in an office that has all three you will be able to leverage them when ColdFusion 8 is released.

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Jeffrey - Found your post as I was surfing the blogsphere. Met
you last year at the MAX in Vegas with CBrown. Congratulations,
on the opportunity with the CFWACK book. That is a great publication.
# Posted By Russell | 5/13/07 12:06 PM
Thanks Russell. Keep in touch!
# Posted By Strikefish | 5/14/07 12:50 AM
I am Vishnuprasad Coldfusion developer from india .
i am interested in posting Article on Coldfusion and .Net Integration
I have posted few article in my Blog . willing to put more .

So far i have put the follwoiing sample
adding user in local windows machine
Accessing .Net Hastable in Coldfusion
Accessing Datatable retuurn from .Net in Coldfusion

Can you give some idea what kind of sample to develop on for Coldfusion and .Net integration
# Posted By W.R.Vishnuprasad | 10/3/07 4:33 AM
V, if you are looking for examples or things to demonstrate with .NET I would say look into the docs and go through the data type/conversion table. Go through each data type and create a C# class that that has a method for each data type return and write an example for each. Hope this helps.
# Posted By Strikefish | 10/3/07 1:46 PM

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