Writing for ColdFusion 9

I just got word that I will be contributing to the books supporting the ColdFusion 9 release.

Adobe is making significant improvements as they continue to evolve the product.

I am stoked to be involved for a third release and look forward to working with a stellar team of authors.

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Wow! you be the co-author, Cool Dude. waiting for cf9 to come out. CF8 has some many features that till now i have not used all but it is really awesome
# Posted By Gavy | 5/12/09 3:53 PM
One thing I'd suggest is more examples in code. While this may not be feasible in the print edition I assume a digital version of sample files will be made available. One of my gripes with the Adobe docs is the lack of real examples, the ones shown are always the easiest solutions that anyone can figure out versus the more complicated (and real life). During your own CF9 testing and writing you may write examples to test with, including these would be helpful.
# Posted By Ryan | 5/12/09 4:17 PM
I agree with Ryan, Adobe is absolutely terrible when it comes to providing REAL examples. They should take a long look at how Microsoft provides example code and emulate that.
# Posted By Bud | 5/29/09 10:48 AM

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