Steve Jobs - An inspiring leader and visionary

If you want to see an example of how executive leaders can inject inspiration, fight, and stability across their company and supporters of their products; take an hour and watch Steve Jobs' closing keynote for the WWDC '97.

Note in 1997 Apple was just coming off the ropes. SImilar to an Ali / Foreman or Frazier fight. The web was just starting to mainstream and Microsoft was crushing everyone post Windows 95...

Apple was on an island, no strong network integration, they were really just sitting on the bench watching opportunities gone by. Steve Jobs changed all of this and you can see in his responses to the questioning his passion for not only the company and its new approach bringing laser focus to the customer; but for common sense innovation. So glad I got a chance to see this.

No matter what anyone thinks regarding Steve Jobs and his leadership abilities; his transparency and candidness is a true inspiration to those who aspire to leadership roles within their respective companies. Enjoy!

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he is certainly skilled at marketing but transparency...? recent examples of company secrecy would seem to suggest otherwise.
# Posted By jeff | 7/1/11 6:49 AM
You got me there Jeff. Maybe I got caught up in his late 90s approach. Transparency has changed just a bit no doubt.

Thoughts on factors? His health, insane competition, etc. Thanks so much for your comment.
# Posted By Strikefish | 7/8/11 5:01 PM
Watching the whole discussion 14 years after the fact is quite eery. He got a lot of predictions right on the money, and if you listen closely you'll notice that a lot of today's Apple products were being referenced here. To really grasp some of what was being said at the time I had to rewind my mind to the 90's when OS X was not around and high speed Internet was a luxury.

Here are a few quotes I picked out:

"The press and the shares will take care of themselves."

You certainly bet they have! Anyone who didn't buy shares at around this time is certainly kicking themselves in the pants now.

"How many of you back up your computers?... In the last 7 years, you know how many times I have lost personal data? Zero. Do you know how many times I have backed up my computer? Zero... None of that is on the local hard disk... I don't need a hard disk on that computer if I can get to the network faster. One of my hopes is that Apple can do for this network... that Apple can make that as plug and play for mere mortals as it did for the computing experience over a decade ago."

So basically he is advertising mobile computing devices (iPhone and iPad) as well as the iCloud in 1997.

Great talk overall. It was certainly interesting to see developer reactions upon these ideas being presented.
# Posted By Jose Galdamez | 7/31/11 8:56 PM

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