Spring and BlazeDS Best Practices

I recently wrote a white paper for a client to assist them in ramping up with Spring and BlazeDS Integration (SBI) best practices. The link below will allow you to download the white paper.

It contains many links to helpful downloads and assists in a "painless" install and configuration for this solution set. There is also a java and flex example app to get you started. Enjoy...

BlazeDS Best Practices

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Thanks for this tutorial.
I'm new user on Flex and find very interesting your document about the best practice of Blaze Ds.
So, I don't find the .zip's project for springExample, is it possible to put it please ?

Thx in advance,

# Posted By Lejuste | 3/12/10 4:55 AM
Sorry Lejuste, the document is now updated. Regards...
# Posted By Strikefish | 3/16/10 10:48 AM
I just moved into flex couple of days before. So this is very new to me.
I couldn't find the .zip file. So if you can or if you have those files please upload it.
(Very useful article)


# Posted By Suranga | 3/21/12 11:27 PM
They should be there now, thanks.
# Posted By Strikefish | 3/22/12 10:50 PM
You have missed web_app_config.zip file.
Can you upload it too...

Thanks for your quick response!

# Posted By Suranga | 3/23/12 12:01 AM

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