Tornado at Kennedy Space Center

This is a video of a twister at KSC yesterday. If you look closely you can see that it was over water, notice the water swirling in and around it.

Flash Forms App. Accepted and in Production

I recently attended the ORR (Operational Readiness Review) for the Flash Forms application that my team has been developing over the past 2 months. It was accepted and will be released to production Mon. 7/15.

One of the main features that was commented on throughout my presentation in the ORR was the user friendly layout. The application was built for HR and office personnel (non-technical) individuals and will ultimately be used by all individuals across NASA. If you have not yet looked into using flash forms or Flex, you are falling behind. This technology is and will reshape how information is utilized on the web. It provides an incredibly robust platform for application based solutions.

The timeline in relation to the requirements associated with support across multiple platforms and operating systems would never have been met if it was not for Flash Forms in ColdFusion. My thanks go out to Mike Nimer and the CF team at Macromedia now Adobe for their integration of Flex into ColdFusion 7 as well as Nahuel Foronda and Laura Arguello for their contributions to the community and incredible support in addressing Flash actionscript and ColdFusion integration.

Lessons Learned

I will be posting a lessons learned soon as I'm wrapping up on a ColdFusion flash forms project. It is utilizing Mach-II for it's facilitation of MVC, but with remoting in hand Mach-II was used mostly for organization of views, security, and a few listeners to provide data for drop downs and grids.

In all the project has come together quite nicely and with a very challenging deadline (less than 3 months development time) a team of 2.5 developers were able to pull together a very slick agency wide application to fit all of the NASA customers initial release requirements.

Great Shot of Discovery

A beautiful photo from John Phillips (ISS Expedition 11 Crew Member). He reported that all is well and they are enjoying their time in space. Click the thumbnail to download the original.

Launch Video

As I promised here is the video of STS-114 launch. The person heard exclaiming "OH MY GOD" several times is a co-worker who truly loves the space program... Not sure if you could tell by his reaction. I actually had to stop watching the launch for a split second to glance over and see if he was going to jump off the platform he was standing on for the launch!!! 8-) A true gut reaction to the awesome display seen in a remote site here at Kennedy Space Center.

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