Jean Van de Velde Experiment

I just read a great article in Golf Magazine detailing Jean Van de Velde's horrific last round 18th hole melt down in the 1999 British Open which was quite painful to watch... But was it a melt down or just bad luck? Having watched the event almost 8 years ago I have to say I did feel bad for Van de Velde. He has been through a lot since the tourney with career threatening knee surgery, though he has managed to win a tournament as recent as 2006.

So the real reason I am writing is due to Golf Magazine's video of Van de Velde playing the faithful 18th hole at Carnoustie with nothing but his putter. The clip is very entertaining, and truly reflects the power of the human spirit in overcoming a nightmare experience. Cheers to you Jean Van de Velde and good luck to you and your golfing future!

See the video here: Van de Velde Video

How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing

Ever wonder how to perform the perfect golf swing? This will get you there if you can take it from PC or laptop to golf course or driving range.

Print this list and take it to the range to groove your swing:

Download List for Excel

1. Pick out a reference point several feet in front of your ball and align your body to the imaginary line.

2. Grip the shaft so that it lies across top of forefinger and it should fit under the heel of the palm for stability.

3. Make sure the little finger is around the grip.

4. Thumb should be shortened and straight on top of the shaft.

5. Two knuckles should be visible.

6. Fold right hand over left thumb, the thumb of the right hand should be pointing at the left shoulder.

7. The correct stance starts with feet shoulder width apart with right foot at a right angle to the line of flight with the left foot slightly open.

8. Upper torso leans forward slightly with knees slightly bent.

9. There should be a hand width between body and club.

10. Weight of body on balls of feet.

11. Both arms should be straight and relaxed with the left shoulder a bit higher than the left.

12. Perform the waggle.

13. Start backswing with rotation, not hands.

14. Hands maintain same grip pressure throughout swing.

15. Practice rotation by holding club across chest and rotate like you would if you were swinging the club.

16. Shoulders, hips, hands, and arms should rotate simultaneously.

17. At the completion of the backswing your back should face the target.

18. Down swing starts by rotating your body right to left.

19. Shoulders, arms and hands then follow the body powering through impact.

20. On impact hips turned, shoulders parallel to ball.

21. Movement continues until the whole body is facing the target.

22. Right foot only moves immediately after impact.

23. It's a swing, not a hit.

24. Faster rotation = More power.

25. Hips should always lead shoulders to the end of the swing.

Tiger's Swing

I am a Tiger Woods fan, as most you of know who have either golfed with me or have heard of my golf addiction. A co-worker just sent me an article here which discusses Tiger Woods accidentally hitting a 332-yard drive on the green into the group in front of him, one of the members being Padraig Harrington... What can you say about Tiger that hasn't been said, he's just pure entertainment.

If you haven't caught his swing on, you can get to it here. It's been out since the summer but it appears they recently updated with Benie Mac, Ray Romano, and George Gervin commenting. It is quite funny.

David Leadbetter's Swing Setter

I have recently begun working and training with this contraption to attempt to improve my overall golf game. I have to say I was highly discouraged upon initially converting to the methods preached by Mr. Leadbetter due to my inability to transfer his teachings to the golf course.

I had been struggling due to lack of play and was around a 20 handicap which initially ballooned to a 40... Yes, it was very frustrating. So how did the swingsetter fix all my problems and bring me down to a 12 handicap inside of 4 rounds??? THE GRIP!!!!! You must be sure to look closely at how David Leadbetter grips the club in the dvd training video. Though the grip is molded, if you do not position your grip into an overlap like his assistant does you will be wasting your time with the various drills he recommends.

One of the keys for me (I'm right handed), was to be sure to apply slight pressure with my right thumb on the club as well as to shorten my left thumb under my right hand. I was a strong gripper in the past and this caused me to come over the top of the ball and hook the ball when I wasn't on my game (especially with my irons). The new grip I use taught by Leadbetter, which the swingsetter enforces had me hitting much straighter and allowed me to strengthen or weaken my grip with my left hand only. I will strengthen my grip a bit by turning my left hand in when I'm using driver, but will go to a more neutral/parallel grip when using my irons and fairway woods. In all I highly recommend the swingsetter and will continue to train with it.

Check it out here: Swing Setter

Playing the Disney Palm

I have recently joined a golf group in my community (Stoneybrook Golf Group). It's excellent due to the fact that they get the premo tee times along with exceptional rates (green/cart fees).

We are playing at Disney's Palm course this Saturday. Only one word comes to mind when discussing Walt Disney's golf courses... "MAGICAL!" Here is a link to Disney and PGA. This course hosts the Funai Classic every season. It is a tournament that Tiger and Vijay have dominated over the past 10 years.

Changes in my swing.

I have recently attempted to address my golf swing issues as I was once again in "what am I doing wrong?!@#!" land for about 2 rounds. It was after this second round that I went home to take my usual after round nap on Sun. that I popped on the Golf Channel to see the Medicus commercial that is on 75% of the time on that station.

I watched the show for about 1/2 an hour and realized that I was bringing my arms up much too vertical in my back swing and the club was over the back of my head/neck. The commercial showed me the mistake by watching how the medicus forces the swing to get "on plane" by taking a wider/slower back swing and keep the club at it's peak about over your shoulders. This causes the club to take less of a downward plane and no overcorrection is needed for solid contact.

This coupled with a strong grip and a decent turn had me drop in the low 80's from low 90's in one practice round... Not to mention my first drive off the tee was 15 feet off the green (about 330 yards) for a chip and a putt birdie 3... Hopefully I can keep it together, stay tuned.

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