Dysfunctional printer in Iraq...

I received this clip from a friend and co-worker addressing how our fine military deals with poor technical support. The soldier in the film has issues with a Hewlett Packard printer and their tech. support so he takes matters into his own hands 8-)... Enjoy!!!

If you fly to work...

This was an informative and humorous article about what you can and can not bring with you on a plane now that the "liquid" ban has been somewhat relaxed.

But Can I Bring My Jelly Doughnuts?

Weird Al Takes the Internet by Storm...

Just when you thought Weird Al had been swept under the carpet for good... This video had me "ROTFLOL". Enjoy!

Get this video and more at MySpace.com

Tornado at Kennedy Space Center

This is a video of a twister at KSC yesterday. If you look closely you can see that it was over water, notice the water swirling in and around it.

Why Strikefish?

Many people ask me how I came about using the term Strikefish for my corporation. It's actually quite simple if you break apart the meaning of each word on its own...

Strike: To set out or proceed, especially in a new direction.

Fish: Look for.

This ultimately lead to the mission statement which is "Providing solutions now." (For those going in a new direction and looking for answers.)

Vacation in Naples, Florida

I highly recommend it. If you are looking for a straight up relaxing good time, travel to Naples. My wife Shannon and I stayed here:

Bella Sera

We had an excellent time and got to see how the "very wealthy" live life. Some of the beachfront homes were truly breathtaking. We walked by the Gerry (The Man Behind Cablevision) Mansion and were awestruck. Here is an overhead satellite view of the property, at this point most likely in the 40+ million range.

For information on properties in Naples and Collier county visit their website here. They have a pretty decent GIS application.

Check 1, 2

Just checking in. I have been swamped with work and am back in the gym due to the grand opening of the clubhouse in my neighborhood.

It is an incredible gym with brand new Life Fitness machines (A great looking ColdFusion site) and plenty of dumbells for full range of motion exercises.

I have been listening to plenty of alternative lately. I go to winamp.com/music/radio and filter on alternative. Some great stations here.

Batman Begins, Go See it

Quick, get to the theatre and see Batman Begins. They did it right this time. Best movie I have seen this summer.

This story starts at the root beginnings of Batman and gives the viewer a true understanding to how he gained his skills and acquired his costume. It's very dark, a true rendition of the dark night.

It Begins...

Batman Begins opens today and I have tickets for the 7:00 showing. I look forward to seeing a more clear vision of how Batman came to be.

I hope the special effects do the film justice. It is still hard to beat the original Batman with Michael Keaton, "I'm Batman", and "I gotta go to work". A quote I'll never forget from that movie. Classic... Hopefully an enjoyable night, beer and wings with me mates from the office and a movie on one the greatest comic book super heroes ever created.

TV Watching

I have found myself trapped in the realm of T.V. this season, with i.m.h.o. some pretty decent shows. A few of my favorites are The Contender, Fear Factor, Lost, Survivor, and Desperate Housewives(yes, my wife pulled me into the latter 8-)...).

It is a productivity black hole, but I have promised myself to taper off the tube (Sportscenter only) and focus on business, including setting up my office in our new home.

So, any of you see The Contender this week? I can't put my finger on it, but there is something about watching boxing, especially on this show. Strategy always appears to be at the forefront but by the middle rounds it becomes a slugging match. In the incredibly overpaid business of sports these days it is a fresh look at a group of guys trying to make a better life for their families by putting it all on the line to win a million

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