How to Perform the Perfect Golf Swing

Ever wonder how to perform the perfect golf swing? This will get you there if you can take it from PC or laptop to golf course or driving range.

Print this list and take it to the range to groove your swing:

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1. Pick out a reference point several feet in front of your ball and align your body to the imaginary line.

2. Grip the shaft so that it lies across top of forefinger and it should fit under the heel of the palm for stability.

3. Make sure the little finger is around the grip.

4. Thumb should be shortened and straight on top of the shaft.

5. Two knuckles should be visible.

6. Fold right hand over left thumb, the thumb of the right hand should be pointing at the left shoulder.

7. The correct stance starts with feet shoulder width apart with right foot at a right angle to the line of flight with the left foot slightly open.

8. Upper torso leans forward slightly with knees slightly bent.

9. There should be a hand width between body and club.

10. Weight of body on balls of feet.

11. Both arms should be straight and relaxed with the left shoulder a bit higher than the left.

12. Perform the waggle.

13. Start backswing with rotation, not hands.

14. Hands maintain same grip pressure throughout swing.

15. Practice rotation by holding club across chest and rotate like you would if you were swinging the club.

16. Shoulders, hips, hands, and arms should rotate simultaneously.

17. At the completion of the backswing your back should face the target.

18. Down swing starts by rotating your body right to left.

19. Shoulders, arms and hands then follow the body powering through impact.

20. On impact hips turned, shoulders parallel to ball.

21. Movement continues until the whole body is facing the target.

22. Right foot only moves immediately after impact.

23. It's a swing, not a hit.

24. Faster rotation = More power.

25. Hips should always lead shoulders to the end of the swing.

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Excellent tutorial, thanks for posting.
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This is a some great instruction!
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This is a great blog
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