Retrieve CF password or reset it in 5 and MX+

Yanked this off of A great CF blog from Brandon Harper.

For ColdFusion 5 on Windows: Find the following registry entry:

HKLM\SOFTWARE\Allaire\ColdFusion\CurrentVersion\Server\UseAdminPasswordAnd set it to 0. Restart the ColdFusion Server service, and go to the Administrator to set a new password.


Use this code snippet to retrieve the password values:

<cfset password_key="4p0L@r1$">


<strong>Admin Password:</strong><br />
#Evaluate("cfusion_Decrypt(adminpassword, PASSWORD_KEY)")#<br /><br />
<strong>RDS Password:</strong><br />
#Evaluate("cfusion_Decrypt(studiopassword, PASSWORD_KEY)")#<br /><br />

For ColdFusion MX on Windows:

1. Stop the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service
2. Open the "neo-security.xml" file contained at %CFMXInstallRoot%\lib
3. Find the line: "<var name=""><boolean value="true"/></var>" and change the true to false, then save the file
4. Restart the "ColdFusion MX Application Server" Service
5. Go to the ColdFusion Administrator again and set a password

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&gt; find the line: &quot;&quot; and ch

Sorry, what line was that :-) ?
# Posted By Tom Chiverton | 7/18/06 10:50 AM
Can't you at least link to the entry if you're going to steal it's content? ;)
# Posted By Brandon Harper | 7/18/06 4:29 PM
Seeing that you stole it from HouseOfFusion, I didn't think you'd have issue. I did reference your site (link added). 8-)
# Posted By Strikefish | 7/19/06 9:17 AM

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